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Kreitton Coaching has teamed up with Dr. Joel Wallach and Youngevity to help people lose that stubborn weight and keep it off through a lifestyle of health! 

General Health & Wellness Philosophy

The lifestyle choices you make are inevitably tied to your health status and performance. Youngevity’s Healthy LifeStyle™ Philosophy is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow, strategy to help you achieve your nutritional and health goals safely while delivering key nutrients your body needs for optimal wellness and continued success.

Three Simple Principles

Our approach to building a healthy lifestyle is based on three simple principles:

I. Eat strategically

II. Consume only the best nutrition (Healthy Body Paks)

III. Focus on energy and recovery

With the help of renowned medical, dietary, and fitness experts, Youngevity has developed 7 Healthy Body Paks delivering science-based, targeted nutritional support.

Proper nutrition isn’t just about eating the right foods, it’s also about making sure you’re eating them properly and enough so that you’re getting the right calories that will give your body the vitality and strength it needs

Strategic Nutrition

strat•e•gy (strat’i-jee). n. A systematic plan of action to achieve a well-defined goal.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just happen per chance; you must create a detailed plan that fits. This makes taking specific action easier. The better the plan, the easier it is to follow, and the likelier you are to reach your goals.

Broad brushed suggestions (“cut calories, exercise more”) can help, but if you’re like most people, you lead a busy lifestyle. You want specifics. You just want to know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

This is what we kept in mind when we designed Youngevity Healthy LifeStyles. Our nutrition program features precise, yet easy-to-follow instructions to help you reach your goals. For example, rather than tell you to “just eat healthier,” we suggest specific foods and nutrients that will deliver targeted benefits when your body needs them the most.

The Best Sources

Oranges are good for you because they contain vitamin C, right? But did you know they also have over 170 different phytonutrients (plant nutrients), 60 flavonoids (powerful antioxidants), fibers, pectins, sugars (and the list goes on)?

That’s the wonderful thing about food. It contains entire arrays of nutrients that sustain the human body and keep it functioning at optimal levels. However, all foods are not created equally. Some foods have more of a certain nutrient than others, while some contain just empty calories.

Getting the most out of nutrition isn’t just about consuming healthy foods. It’s also about determining which foods are the best sources of key nutrients and combining them with others to deliver complete and balanced nutrition. We all know there is no one perfect food. But there’s a (close to) perfect combination of nutrients that can provide powerful benefits.

Figuring out which food/nutrient combinations and quantities work best isn’t easy. Fortunately, with the Youngevity Healthy LifeStyle™, the work is done for you!

Energy and Recovery

What does it feel like to be healthy?

Your individual answer, of course, depends on your age, ambitions, health status, and life experiences. But collectively, nearly everyone agrees that “having energy” is essential to good health.

Great health starts with having the energy you need to accomplish your goals and to live life to the fullest. But you can’t have that energy unless you properly recover each day.

Did you know that your body is in constant state of building up and breaking down? From the time you wake up until the time you fall asleep, you are breaking down your body as you’re subjected to physical, psychological, and environmental stresses. In fact, the purpose of sleep is to place your body in full recovery mode.

Nutrition is vital to this ongoing cycle of energy and recovery. Not only does nutrition provide your body what it needs to minimize the trauma during break down, but provides the elements your body needs to heal and recover. Youngevity Healthy LifeStyle™ focuses on delivering targeted nutrition, so you can maximize your body’s own energy production and healing and recovery.

Ketogenics Philosophy

The Keto 90 Lifestyle Philosophy

Dr. Joel Wallach has been instilling the virtues of healthy fats for over 50 years.  The role of healthy fats in cardiovascular, neurological, and muscular health has been well documented and researched.  Dr. Wallach has lectured over the years that the true cause of weight gain and obesity is not the lack of willpower or exercise of an individual but the fact that they consume the wrong foods with highly depleted nutrients which then cause metabolic imbalances and therefore weight gain.

The traditional Ketogenic philosophy of consuming foods that change the metabolic state of your body and cells to burn fat rather than carbohydrates compliments Youngevity's philosophy of fat loss nutrition. Combining healthy foods, nutrient dense in the 90 For Life essential nutrients, and the Youngevity products that provide the foundational and fundamental nutrients for overall health and wellness creates immediate results and long-term success and the foundation for the Keto 90 Lifestyle Philosophy!


First off, nutritional ketosis, what we are talking about, should not be confused with ketoacidosis, a metabolic condition where the blood becomes acidic as a result of the accumulation of ketone bodies. Ketoacidosis occurs in Type 1 diabetic patients and alcoholics. Nutritional ketosis is a benign metabolic state, it is just a response the body has to low carbohydrate stores and consumption.

Your body needs energy to function. This energy can come from a variety of fuel sources. Glucose, a form of sugar, can be used as a fuel for your body, organs, and brain. Carbohydrates, which are in foods such as breads, pastas, fruits, grains, and nuts, are the main source of glucose for the body. But in times where carbohydrate consumption is restricted and all the glucose stores are used up, the body switches over to use fat as an energy source. When fat is broken down for energy, ketone bodies are produced, this is the process we talked about earlier, Ketosis.

Both carbohydrates and fat can be used for energy by the body and its systems. The process of Ketosis allows for those individuals who have existing fat stores that are in excess an opportunity to use them for energy. Without promoting the body to a state of Ketosis the body will continue to use its consumption of carbohydrates to fuel its activities and keep excess fat stores. Bottom line, without Ketosis your body will not be able to use its fat stores as efficiently or quickly for fuel, therefore you will continue to store fat along with its inflammatory and toxic properties.

Ketogenic Diet

Simply, it’s a diet that promotes your body to begin to burn fat as a primary energy source rather than carbohydrates. The Ketogenic Diet does this by using a natural process in the body called Ketosis, a metabolic state in which your body’s energy is derived from ketone bodies, a by-product of breaking down fat for fuel, rather than sugars which are obtained from carbohydrates.

The essence of the Ketogenic Diet is that it is retraining your body and therefore “rewiring” your metabolic and energy seeking systems to look for fat to burn when energy is needed. The restriction of carbohydrates, which will be explained later, causes your body to seek an alternative energy source for fuel. As you continue to put your body in this carbohydrate restrictive state and it searches for new energy sources, it begins to “rewire” its metabolic systems to focus on just the alternative sources. The alternative energy source is fat, and after some time, fat no longer becomes the alternative source but the primary source to use for the body’s energy needs.

Breaking down fat has always been the most efficient and cleanest form of energy, and therefore the most preferred method by the body. However, our body’s are the most adaptive machines on the face of the earth, therefore, as we continued to consume high amounts of carbohydrates, the body was “trained” to use carbohydrates instead of fat.

Following the Ketogenic Diet creates a nutritional environment where the body is promoted to use existing fat stores as primary energy sources and restructures your metabolic systems to use healthy fats and proteins as primary fuels.

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