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Do you want to discover your life purpose?


Do you want to learn how to live in peace and confidence?


Do you want to generate wealth with multiple streams of income?


Do you want to learn the secrets to long life and vitality as you age?


     Then you are in the right place...



Hi, my name is Steve Wallace. My mission is to coach people in abundant health in spirit, soul, and body! 

I'm tired of seeing people suffer needlessly and then to see so many coaching programs priced out of most people's reach.

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This is why I developed my holistic coaching program designed to give you all I have in one place for a price anyone can afford!

Now, you can get my 25+ years of coaching experience delivered to your inbox with all my material designed to coach you into a better life. You will have 24/7 access to my members-only coaching site!

This program allows me to help more people than I could any other way. I will help you understand the 7 roots of abundant health and what is hindering them in your life. 

This program concentrates on the 4 main areas of need in every person; Health, Wealth, Love, and Personal Significance.

You will receive consistent coaching information that will walk you through discovering all 4 areas of need and how to live abundantly in them along with all my books as they are released.

You will learn

⇒ How to dream for more

⇒ How to discover your personal mission and passion

⇒ How to make lasting change 

⇒ The secrets to financial freedom and building a generational legacy

⇒ How to set up a 21st Century business and begin creating passive income without all the headaches of a brick-and-mortar business

⇒ How to live healthy and strong for generations to come

⇒ How to overcome sickness and disease 

⇒ How to have healthy relationships

⇒ How to live free without limitations

⇒ And much more...

What people are saying...

       "I admire how Steve has made a lifestyle of listening to God's voice and dreaming with Him. He has the heart of Jesus for all those around him and displays genuine compassion for others. He will go out of his way to encourage someone and always thinks the best of every person. His life is an inspiration to me, and he is someone I have always wanted to be like. I am so privileged and blessed to know Steve as a life coach and friend."




      "Steve Wallace is a true brother in Christ who always has an amazing knowledge of God’s Word and always seems to be able to break down any question with what God has said about it with simplicity. He has written several books that have also helped me in my walk with the Lord Jesus and is a true man of God. I was at work one day and my son became ill and needed to get to the doctor I could not leave so I called Steve and he took him immediately. He is my friend and brother and even more than that, he is family. Steve is one of those wonderful people that Father God has blessed me with to show his love and compassion for all people. I am a better person because I know him. Love you brother!!!"



      "I appreciate Steve's honesty and his willingness to tell people what he believes is best for them, and not simply what they want to hear. I have watched as he has helped countless people find the path to true and lasting happiness, and he has done this without the slightest care or consideration of personal gain. He is a good friend and I look forward to seeing the great things he will still yet accomplish in the years to come."



What you will get...

•  Coaching Articles guaranteed to bring you solutions to help you prosper and grow in every area of life

•  Access to our Members-only Coaching Modules full of videos and information covering critical areas for success in the 7 roots of health (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Relational, and Personal Significance)


•  A download of one of my ebooks released about every month within the modules

•  Special opportunity offers to increase as an entrepreneur (You will be the first to hear!)

•  Bonus material as a coaching insider!

•  Special coaching sessions with me via videos and webinars

•  Special Q&A sessions and members-only resource link

•  24-hour link access (when requested ) to Dr. Glidden's webinars covering almost every health issue you can imagine and what to do about it the natural way. (Invaluable!)

• Monthly "Faith and Business" Newsletter with coaching and information to encourage you!


Here are just some of the life-changing eBooks you will be receiving!

7 Roots of Abundant Health

A-Z Discipleship Course

Biblical Coaching

Dream Again

Essential Paradigms for Success

Inevitable Healing

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Law of Alignment, Spiritual Treatment for Health and Prosperity

Living Healthy Beyond 120

Master Freedom, The 3 Most Important Truths You Will Ever Know

My Reality

On Purpose

Prayer that Works

Redefining Life

The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Today's Revolution

The Science of Faith

Train Up a Child

Wisdom for Today, Verse by Verse Commentary on Proverbs

And more...!

spirit, soul, body

One of the greatest lessons I learned in life is that I don't know everything! Because of this truth, I will not only share my material but from years of collecting an invaluable library of information from other experts in various subjects. I want to help you the most with what works! You will have access to a world of resources to help you prosper!


I also want to send some important BONUS material to you immediately! 

BONUS 1... 14-Day All Natural Reset Cleanse

Because I want you to get off to a great start, I want to send you as a bonus for joining today a free 14-Day Reset Cleanse PDF. This is a step by step all-natural clean-food cleanse guide that will reset your body's immune system. It will jump-start your body back to a healthy reset!

You will love the way you feel after this and it is easy to do!

BONUS 2... Privacy Guide

Today one of the greatest threats we face is not necessarily our physical safety but our digital safety, especially with more people getting cryptocurrency. The war of our century is digital piracy and we need to protect our family now! Because of this great concern, I also want to send you a free report on how to better protect your privacy from those who want to steal it. This guide will give you some practical steps you can take today to better safe-guard your identity on the internet.  

BONUS 3... Kitchen Cures

17 Superfoods more powerful than Perscription Drugs

Learn the all-natural secrets to fight against Cancer, High Cholesterol, Dementia, Tooth Decay, Blood Sugar Spikes, High Blood Pressure, and much more!

It's time to take charge of your health and you can do it without prescription drugs!

In my coaching program, you will get these bonuses along with everything else I have to offer now, and what's to come...

for only $4.97 per month!

Life-change for the price of Starbucks! This has taken me years to develop and I believe in over-delivering as your coach!

Don't allow this opportunity to pass you by.

My heart is to bring hope to those who need it and I have poured my life into this program for you!


You have very little to lose but much to gain!

I guarantee the information in this Coaching Program will change your life forever!


Are you ready to be the best 'you' possible?


Take charge of your Life and Health today!

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Product Title: Coaching Program
Description: Life change coaching modules on the 7 roots of health is just a click away!
Today can be the first day of a whole new life for you implementing the 5 foundations to live healthier, longer and with greater peace and satisfaction.