Exercise is a dirty word for most people. The reason is, that they only think about hours sweating in a gym when they think about exercise. This is because it sounds too much like work! 

I Timothy 4:8 tells us that "...bodily discipline [exercise] is only of little profit." NASB (Brackets Mine) 

This means that exercise is profitable and a piece of the health puzzle, but that our bodies were designed to function without tons of exercise, to stay fit and toned. We do need activity though!

The key is movement. When we can do activities that we enjoy, it doesn't seem like work to us. The problem with most people is that they are not getting the essential nutrients for their bodies and then try to over-compensate in the gym.  Without proper nutrition, our bodies are being beaten to a pulp through exercise, further depleting it even more from the fuel it needs to thrive. Just drinking water alone will not replenish the body of lost nutrients. When we are getting the nutrients we need, our bodies work better and stay fit longer. We can't simply sit around on the couch all day just because we get nutrients, but we don't have to over-compensate in the gym either. 


To hear from expert Dr. Peter Glidden, ND on the dangers of exercise without nutrition; watch the video below:

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