Electromagnetic Fields!

emf-radiation-source pic

Electromagnetic Fields, or EMF for short, are all around us. These fields are a part of God's creation. The problem is that our man-made EMF is distorting the natural frequencies of our cells. We were designed to resonate with our Creator, but harmful EMF is constantly bombarding the natural function of our cells and causing damage. This is the age of electronic toxins. The good news is that we can protect ourselves from this toxins through simple and inexpensive devices.

We have teamed up with a Christian company who is combating these harmful toxins through some ingenious products. Listen to the CEO below regarding the cell phone shield.

You can see them below. To see more on testing and research, click on the Safe-Connect button below.

Cell Phone Shields
Lap Top Shields
House Shields
Smart Meter Shields
Safe Pets

For more on the research and testing of these products along with more products; click on the logo below.

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